Captain's log

Okay, It has been way to long since I last updated this website. It is well past time to get Serious. First things first,
a side bar for the Archive page, and a Captain's log for future updates. Hopefully I can get some CSS and Javascript up and running in a day or two.

today I'll update the main page and improve the content.

Edit: Okay, Temporary sidebar is in place and I have uploaded some new pictures for the website. Progress, whoo!

Today I will add a border around the side bar, update the videos on my 'Let's play' page and add a Old School Renaissance (OSR) to it.

Alright, alright, I know it has been a minute since my lase update. Here's what I'm doing now. I am going to start a series of videos on BitChute about Alt Tech and old school tech. Starting with how to connect to modern Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) as a replacement to modern social networking.

Holy crap I need to give this site more attention. I've been dealing with a lot of personal stuff that keeps pulling me away from this like clock work. I want to add some CSS formatting to neatly box everything up. I would like to make this more of a personal blog of sorts to just dump random thoughts from time to time. Speaking of which, I have a new topic of discussion for today.

Why do we carry phones? I understand that being connected 24/7 to the Wire is benficial, but at what cost? Once your Privacy is gone that's it. poof, gone forever! Now the mega corps can track your every movement and your personal data is forever out there. What ever happened to basic information security and a sense of personal privacy? Has everybody lost their mind? For now, I am stuck carrying my phone due to the nature of my work, but I am looking for a new job that is more routine and sedentary. Once that happens I will stop carrying my phone with me. It's just too much of a security risk.

perhaps I should elaborate on why data security is important to me. The short version is simply that the nature of how my data is being used today has opened my eyes to the more neferious purposes data can and will be used if I don't take the proper steps to hide and protect it. For example, those Ring Doorbells that are people put on their doors looking out into the street store data in the cloud, which is run by Amazon who reports that information to the local authorities without the owner's knowledge or consent (Gaurdian)(Technica). I've worked a delivery service job before and these things are everywhere. meaning that there is a good chance that you are being monitored while in a public space without any knowledge of who is watching. You may be asking yourself "okay, but why is this a bad thing?", well, let's say some dystopian law is inacted, and because you were on camera, doing whatever [x] thing that has since been deemed illegal, you get to spend some time in jail. no matter how absurd the crime.

The cameras are the least of your worries if you carry a phone. Due to how cell towers work, you can be geolocated with just two cell towers within range of your phone (Berkeley Law)(Rutgers). Who wants to have their precise location known to total stangers at all times? That is really creepy and I am not okay with being stalked like that. The only way we can push back against this sort of behavior is to not engage with it. Sadly, it will be a small minority of people that follow this and step away from technology that invades your privacy.

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